Thursday, January 22, 2015

I am asked: "Why am I running for the Knesset?" Read my answer.

Michael says " I don't like to involve my private life, but will for the sake of the people of Israel" I am asked: Are you running for Knesset to earn a living or for Kavod (respect). My answer: No, I earn a living;I have respect; I have awonderful wife and 8 beautiful children; we have a wonderful and comfortable life. I am running for Knesset to stop Jews from getting burned by fire thrown into their car like the little girl Ayala from my neighborhood. I'm running to bring Jewish Strength to stop terror.My children ask me where can we walk, where can we go? I answer that in the state of Israel, you can go wherever you want.I want to make that a reality for your children and my children. This country needs Jewish Strength - needs Otzma Yehudit. I will bring Jewish Strength to this country. Join us and help!
אני בדרך כלל לא נוטה לערב את חיי האישיים, אבל הפעם הייתי חייב.
אנא שתפו את זה בכל מקום, למען ילדינו!
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