Saturday, January 24, 2015

Read these words of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Read these words of Rabbi Meir Kahane. People applauded and said they were behind him. When he turned around they were very far behind.
Let this not happen to Michael Ben-Ari. This country is in deep trouble. He never flip-flops and will NEVER change his mind about working to stop the terror from continuing. Every problem here is important, but what good is anything if we cannot walk, go to a supermarket, pray in a Beit Knesset,drive or take a bus without playing Russian Roulette. Will the Arab terrorists attack today? VOTE OTZMA YEHUDIT
The Wit and Wisdom of Rabbi K'
Whenever the Rabbi appeared, he was mobbed by admirers and sympathizers. Though they clapeed their hands for him after his lectures and shouted Kudos, this was all too often the extent of their support. This disappointed the Rabbi greatly, because he wasn't seeking applause, but rather action. He would sometimes lament: "Jews tell me that they're behind me. And when I turn around, I see they are indeed behind me...way, way, behind me..."

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