Thursday, January 22, 2015

Terror Attack in Tel Aviv

Wednesday morning In the center of Tel Aviv, again a terror attack took place. This vile murderer of Jews stabbed passengers as he ran through the bus.. We are not talking of Rahat, where terrorism is a daily happening and the police do nothing because there is no Jewish Force present to force them to do their job.. We are not talking of the Galil where there are arsenals of weapons, and the gun is used because the state of Israel is abandoned and no one speaks of this expect Otzma Yehudit.. We are speaking about the center of Tel Aviv, at the hour when children are on their way to school. You send your children to school and suddenly someone comes and stabs the children and also stabs people going to work. And you know why? Because there is no Jewish Strength, no Otzma Yehudit. Politicians tell you that 99.99% of the Arabs are loyal to the state (this is the opinion of Bennett). We know differently.
If you can not send your children to school safely and if you can not go to work safely, why is the economy your main issue that you speak about? If tomorrow you feel safer to send your children to school by taxi, maybe the driver will kill them. Do you think is a fantasy? Ask the father of Shelli Dadoun if he still dares to send someone by taxi. Perhaps they also will be killed by the Arab driver, who is also a terrorist
If asked: "Ben-Ari, what do you think of the economic situation?"
Gentlemen, we are losing our state! why are you talking to me about the economy? Yes, the economy is important. But if we lose our state, if we can not travel by bus and you can not travel by taxi! Stop telling us nonsense! And I'm not speaking politics, there must be a Jewish Strength Otzma Yehudit.
I ask all of you who can to come to Beit Maariv and scream and demand Otzma Yehudit - Jewish Strength. A Jewish State must have a Jewish Strength Otzma Yehudit! Without this force they will slaughter us. I tell you that's what they are preparing for and waiting for the opportunity. We must not give it to them.
כשאין עוצמה - גם לא ניסע באוטובוס!

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