Tuesday, January 13, 2015


After lots of deliberation, we chose the name "Otzma Yehudit", with the understanding that the struggle concentrates mainly on this point. Leftist organizations and the Arab enemy are all working very hard to erase any Jewish traces from the State, allegedly in the name of "democracy". The banners being waved today are weakness, retreat and absorbing like a sponge. Banners that, G-d forbid, promise to erase the Jewish State. We are seeking to bring back the legitimacy of "otzma" - strength. Without strength and faith the State of Israel would not have arisen, without strength and faith we would not have been victorious in the War of Independence and the Six-Day War. Without both of these, we've got loss, defeat and retreat.
Approximately 70,000 voted for us in the last election, and every day I meet many, many of the voters. The vast majority are sorry we did not get in the Knesset - but they're not sorry they voted for us. More than a few have told us: I prefer to throw my vote in the trash, than to throw it to the trash. They demand that we keep on working and we understand that we have no choice, that the battle for the Jewish State is in full swing, and that failure in the previous elections will not lead us to wave the white flag.
In the current political reality, it is becoming clearer day by day that there is no essential difference between Jewish Home, the Likud and the rest of the parties. The State of Israel is being conquered from within, negotiations are being held with arch-murderers and we pay for this by freeing terrorist murderers and thereby officially turning them into "freedom fighters" - and all of this with the sponsorship and cooperation of the "right-wing" parties.
Since the last elections, the realization is growing that there is no suitable representation in the Knesset for those who are faithful to Am Israel. The "right" of Bennett, Lapid's friend, is not "right"!
Today more than ever, Israel's Knesset needs Otzma Yehudit - Jewish Strength!

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